Thursday, October 27, 2011


I freaking love Pandora. I keep discovering all this new fantastic music on my various fantastic stations. I can't wait to buy some new cds. I haven't bought a new cd in....oh God...over two years. The last time I bought a cd was Fun. in September 2009....and because I was in love with this boy (and the music!) so good thing that worked out!
Speaking of which, Matt and I have our 2 year anniversary coming up soon! I'm excited! I have Nov. 19th-22nd off work, double yay. Saturday is my bestie's baby shower (yayyyy baby) which I am co-hosting. I'm pretty excited. I still have to go do some shopping. I'm going to have awesome cake and games and fun baby stuff and all kinds of super cute baby business. Babies might freak me out...but hey, I'm still a woman. And they're kinda cute, okay?
Anyways, so that's Saturday, and then Monday is anniversary day, and Tuesday is Matt's 21st, so lots of fun times coming up!
On one last note, I wrote something this morning. And after learning all kinds of new truths about poetry in my class with Prof. Bar-Nadav (love her!) and now I feel better about what I write, and almost like I'm actually doing something right now, like I can be taken more seriously? I don't know. It doesn't have a title, yet-maybe never, and I wrote it in about 10 minutes between class discussions this morning.
he confesses his love
repeatedly. publicly.

he seems to stand
on my pure existence
Now, thanks to my new found knowledge I know that I have here included ambiguity (which was already my specialty...), double meaning, and elusive use of punctuation and line break. The 3rd line is actually supposed to be indented, but this stupid thing wouldn't let me. Oh well. It's just for me anyway.

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