Friday, October 30, 2009

Secret Love

So we're leaving now. Everyone's got their coats and delicately woven scarves, and you're about to leave me wanting. We're about to take our leave, surrounded by those who don't know you love me. Our hands graze, here and there, keeping our secret safe to those other lost souls around us, but we know; we were meant to be.

Everything about us tells our story. From the jacket you've swapped with mine, to the Jones in my hand -- there is nothing like you and me.

Quick! Someone sees the way you're looking at me. The way I'm lost in your deep sienna eyes.
We have to say goodbye.

I'm walking away, wishing I had somewhere else to be. The Autumn leaves dance around me, taunting, and the sky threatens me with snow; the flurries are already falling. I'm lost in the scene before me when I hear my name.
You are calling for me.

I turn around slowly, already smiling, and there you are before me. Before I can speak you close my lips with yours, and everything looses focus. I can taste the anticipation on your lips and I'm weak at the knees before it's over...too soon.

you look deep into my eyes and I swear to God you can see my soul. Every inch of who I am.
You whisper "I love you," never taking your eyes off of mine. The moment is perfect and it never really ends.

You are the best part of me.