Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Oh, the possibilities

Ohh, so you're one of those people who has 1500 facebook friends; 15 of which you actually speak to, 20 of which you will ever speak to. I realize that I am speaking somewhat hypocritically, given my facebook "friend" situation...but I honestly saw a girl spend over 20 minutes in class today, simply manually selecting each and every one of her friends, for God only knows what reason. -- She's having a party, the whole state is invited. What the hell. -- What a waste of [expensive class] time, only to appear popular to all the friends you know don't know.
I, on the other hand, am in the library, be studious...aside from this little break I am taking to be a blogger...which I still think when you put it in writing sounds lame...but I still like doing it, so yayyy.
Umm, today I got another paper back from my English 410 professor. Another Check+ and I am very happy with myself. On top of that, and what really really made my day fantastic -- even after 2 hours of sleep, a flu shot, 4 classes, and hardly and food -- was this:
"Right on Aubree -- An insightful look at diction and double meaning -- Has anyone talked to you about grad school? Something to think about --" SMILEY FACE.
Umm...hello!! Someone other than my various past advisers who did not know me and had never seen my work think I am good enough for grad school! Graduate School. I know it seems ridiculous that I am blowing this up so big...but I never though I could handle it.
Also, it is because of this teacher, prior to today, that I actually entertained the idea of teaching [what?!] at the college level...which meant grad school...and meant I almost instantly ignored the thought right after I had it.
Until today.
Who knows? Who knows indeed. I've never been so pumped about school, and however swamped and stressed I may be -- and it's a lot -- I still feel on top for the first time.
Thank you UMKC, you're beautiful.

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