Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Dare

Tell me where this ends.
Where the lines crossed stop running blurred
Tell me just how far you believe we can bend
attempting to blend our realities into one.

We paint the days like we paint a wall -
constantly moving,
but never covering it all.
And you walk around like you've got it all figured out,
and you're covering well -- but not well enough.

So when you finally decide to come clean,
if that day ever comes,
think of me - but keep your distance.
You only want it again when you realized it's lost
but there's no coming back to this one --
we're done.

This is your closure, baby
and it ain't a pretty feeling,
but you really should have learned
to wear it well by now.

This is the end of the end.
Stand up -- take your bow.
Just try to win this crowd.

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